Hengda New Achievements on Medical Dialysis Paper

We’re thrilled to share the exhilarating news that Hengda independent innovation in new materials B3, DE series medical packaging specialty paper, has been widely recognized in the market, and we will continue to provide customers with the high-quality and diversified special paper solutions.

B3-H Medical Paper: Developing medical packaging paper products with excellent heat sealing performance and clean peeling opening characteristics through functional additives and special surface treatment processes, suitable for high-temperature steam sterilization, high safety, and used for high-risk Class III medical devices such as medical catheters.

B3-R Medical Paper: By significantly enhancing the internal bonding strength and flexibility of the fiber table network through polymer, it is combined with medium thickness flexible packaging films such as PA/PE, XPP, PP/PE to adapt to the packaging of medical devices and accessories with large angle peeling requirements.

DE Medical Paper: By adopting special micro surface treatment technology, the packaging is ensured to be clean and peeled off, significantly improving the heat sealing performance of medical dialysis paper and low surface energy film materials. It can be heat sealed with XPP/PE/PET and other film materials, reducing processes, improving production efficiency, and ensuring high safety. It complies with IS011607-1 and EN868-6 standards, and suitable for ethylene oxide sterilization, and has a long sterile retention cycle.